Description. Sub-concussion is a cranial impact that does not lead to clinical symptoms. Current thinking views subconcussion as an under-recognized phenomenon that may cause measurable neurological injury. We have established an innovative human experimental paradigm using soccer heading to induce mild mechanical stress on brain tissue that is indicative of commonly experienced stress levels in humans experienced during sports/recreational activities. The long-term goal of this project is to investigate potential mechanisms underlying brain injury due to mild mechanical impact.

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Hwang, S., Ma, L., Kawata, K., Tierney, R., & Jeka, J. (2016). Vestibular Dysfunction following Sub-Concussive Head Impact. Journal of Neurotrauma, e-pub (July).

Kawata K, Tierney R, Phillips J, Jeka J (2016) Effect of repetitive sub-concussive impacts from soccer heading on ocular near point of convergence. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 37(5): 405-410.

Keywords: Concussion, balance, vestibular