2018-2018 Co-I, Department of Defense: ARL. Brain Injury, Recovery, Resilience and Injury Prevention ($4,000,000).

2016-2018 Mentor, Shriner’s Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship (Dr. Sung-Jae Hwang), Sensory Processing and balance control during walking in children with CP ($146,954).

2016-2018 Mentor, DFG Postdoctoral Fellowship (Dr. Hendrik Reimann). Mechanisms for maintaining balance during locomotion ($150,000).

2014-2017 PI, Shriners Foundation, Sensory Fusion for Balance Control in Children with CP, ($543,952).

2012-2016 PI, NIH 1R21AG041714-01. Sensory Treadmill to Improve Balance during Walking ($377,000).

2012-2016 Co-PI, NSF BCS 1230311. Collaborative Research: Understanding the Rules for Human Rhythmic Motor Coordination: From Walking to Juggling ($620,000).

2014-2019 Consultant, NIH K23 to Dr. Yuri Agarwal “Age-related Changes in the Vestibular System and Functional Implications”. 3 of 30 John Jeka CV


2017-2020 PI, NSF, “US-German Research Proposal: An experimental computational approach to the integration of subtasks during locomotion”, ($543,663).

2017-2021 PI, NIH, “Characterizing and Improving Mobility in Individuals with PD”, ($2,319,000).

2017-2021 PI, NIH, “Neural Control of Walking in Children with CP”, ($2,142,000).

2017-2022 PI, NIH, “Risk factors and markers of subconcussion in a controlled human head impact model” ($3,800,000).


2010-2013 Co-I, NIH RO1 HD048741 (Dr. Amy Bastian, PI). Human locomotor plasticity in health and disease ($350,000).

2009-2012 PI, NSF 0924883. The interaction of posture, locomotion and sensory information ($406,000).

2008-2012 PI, NIH 2RO1NS35070. Multisensory integration and human postural control ($1,451,000).

2010-2011 Co-I, NSF 0957920 (Dr. John Scholz, PI). Linking Information about Self-motion to Multi-joint Coordination of Upright Stance ($300,000).

2009-2010 PI Summer Research Fellow supplement. “Multisensory Integration and Human Postural Control” ($38,000).

2007-2008 PI, NIH 2R56 NS035070. Multisensory integration and human postural control ($353,000).

2007 PI, NIH R13DC008948. 17th Meeting of the International Society for Posture and Gait Research ($29,000).

2004-2008 Co-I, NASA NNJ04HI06G (Dr. Clint Rubin, PI). Retention of Skeletal, Musculature and Postural Status with a Non-Invasive, Extremely Low-Level Mechanical Signal ($1,500,000).

2003-2008 Co-I, NSF IIS0325715 (Dr. Rama Chellappa – PI). Markerless Motion/Structure Capture for Biomotion ($2,500,000).

2003-2005 Co-I, NIH R21 NS0460211(Dr. Steve Roth – PI): Genetic Aspects of Vestibular Dysfunction ($365,000).

2002-2006 PI, NIH 2 RO1 NS35070. Multisensory Integration and Human Postural Control ($1,200,000).

2002-2006 PI, NIH 1RO1 NS046065. Development of a mechanistic model of multisensory 4 of 30 John Jeka CV fusion and human postural control ($450,000).

2001-2003 PI, Erickson Foundation. Multisensory Balance Training in the Elderly ($100,000).

2002-2007 Co-I, NIH R01HD42527 (Dr. Jane Clark – PI). Adaptive sensorimotor control in children with DCD ($1,500,000).

2000 PI, NIH NINDS Infrastructure Support Program, ($50,000).

2000-2002 Co-I, NIH (Dr. Fay Horak, PI). Central and Peripheral Postural Disorders in the Elderly ($70,119).

1999-2001 Co-I: NSF SBR-9809179. (Dr. Jane Clark, PI) Posture Development and Perception-action Coupling ($300,000).

1997-2000 PI, NSF SBR-9709361, Mechanisms of Sensorimotor Integration ($62,000).

1998 PI, Supplement to NSF SBR-9709361.1st Annual Workshop on the Dynamic Approach to Behavioral, Neural and Robotic Systems — Action, Perception and Cognition, University of Guimaraes, Guimaraes, Portugal ($22,400).

1997-2002 PI, NIH FIRST Award 1 R29 NS35070. Multisensory Integration and Human Postural Control ($514,250).

1995-1997 Co-I, NIH NIA 2-RO1-AG06457. Central and Peripheral Postural Disorders in the Elderly ($42,660).

1995 PI, University of Maryland GRB Summer Research Award. Somatosensory Influences on Human Postural Control ($7,850).

1992-1993 NIH NRSA post-doctoral fellow. Nonlinear Dynamics in Visual Perception ($42,300).

1988-1991 NIMH pre-doctoral fellow ($40,000).