Dr. Jeka will be an invited workshop presenter at the 3 week Telluride Neuro­morphic Cognition Engineering Workshop . Over the past 18 years, this research community organized by the Institute for Neuromorphic Engineering (INE), has focused on the understanding of low-level sensory processing and systems infrastructure; efforts are now expanding to apply this knowledge and infrastructure to addressing higher-level problems in perception, cognition, and learning.

The three week summer workshop will include workshops on systems and cognitive neuroscience (in particular sensory processing, learning and memory, motor systems and attention), practical tutorials on emerging hardware design, mobile robots, hands-on projects, and special interest groups.

Information on past Telluride workshops is available here.

Funding: National Science Foundation, Institute of Neuromorphic Engineering, University of Maryland – College Park, Institute for Neuroinformatics – University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, Georgia Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins University, Boston University, University of Western Sydney and the Salk Institute.