Current Research Projects

Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience (CRCNS)

Dr. Hendrik Reimann presented at the CRCNS meeting in Austin, Texas.  The purpose of CRCNS program is to provide a theoretical foundation and a rich set of technical approaches for understanding complex neurobiological systems, building on the theory, methods, and findings of computer science,...

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American Academy of Neurology 2019

Dr. Jaclyn Caccese and Felipe Yamaguchi went to the 2019 AAN Sports Concussion Conference in Indianapolis, IN. Jaclyn presented her poster titled “Age of first exposure to soccer heading and sensory reweighting for upright stance”. She saw no differences in sensory processing for...

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ISPGR World Congress 2019

Dr. Jaclyn Caccese and Dr. John Jeka flew to Edinburgh, Scotland. Jaclyn presented her poster titled “Dynamic reweighting of three modalities for sensor fusion after repetitive head impact” at the International Society of Posture and Gait Research (ISPGR World Congress 2019). Although...

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