Current Research Projects

Congrats to our new PhD. Tyler!

On the first week of April 2019, Tyler Feltrow has successfully defended his dissertation. His dissertation title was “Control of balance during locomotion” and the goal of his research was to provide a basic understanding of how the healthy human nervous system regulates balance to...

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Congrats to our new Ph.D. Fernando!

On the last week of March 2019, Fernando Vanderlinde dos Santos has successfully defended his dissertation titled “The Effect of Repetitive Head impacts on Sensory Reweighting and Human Balance”.  The purpose of his experiment was to gain an understanding of how prolonged repetitive...

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Dr. Jeka receives US patent for TreadSense

Congratulations to Dr. John Jeka, Professor & Department Chair of Kinesiology for the recent patent awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for his TreadSense product. TreadSense combines three technologies (a treadmill, a webcam, and computer modeling of the human body) into one device that provides feedback as to how an individual is moving. This device is incredibly helpful in rehabilitation settings, helping people to re-learn how to safely walk following an injury.

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