Congratulations to our hardworking team!  6 publications in 6 months…

Article: A central processing sensory deficit with Parkinson’s disease
Sungjae Hwang
 · Peter Agada · Stephen Grill · Tim Kiemel · John J. Jeka
Apr 2016 · Experimental Brain Research  

Article: Identification of the Unstable Human Postural Control System
Sungjae Hwang
 · Peter Agada · Tim Kiemel · John J. Jeka
Mar 2016 · Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience

 Article: Vestibular Dysfunction following Sub-Concussive Head Impact
Sungjae Hwang
 · Lei Ma · Keisuke Kawata · Ryan Tierney · John Jeka
Feb 2016 · Journal of Neurotrauma

Article: Effect of Repetitive Sub-concussive Head Impacts on Ocular Near Point of Convergence
K. Kawata · R. Tierney · J. Phillips · J J Jeka
Feb 2016 · International Journal of Sports Medicine

Article: Development of Adaptive Sensorimotor Control in Infant Sitting Posture
Li-Chiou Chen
 · John Jeka · Jane E. Clark
Jan 2016 · Gait & Posture

Article: Perspectives on Aging Vestibular Function
Eric Anson
 · John Jeka
Dec 2015 · Frontiers in Neurology



Welcome Eman!

Eman is a current PhD student at the Biomechanics and Movement Science program. She is from Kuwait, where she earned her bachelor degree with honor in physical therapy from Kuwait University. Her previous experience includes working as a practitioner physiotherapist at Kuwait Armed Forces Hospital, with her interest in neurological rehabilitation. She continued her...

Dr. Caccese Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University

One of our members has moved on to become an Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University (OSU)! Dr. Jaclyn Caccese was recognized for her hard work and devotion to the research community. In January 2020, Dr. Caccese assumed her new position at OSU at the Department of Health and Rehabilitation Science. There she will keep progressing with her extensive...

Dr. Jeka gives seminars at Indian Institute of Science

Dr. Jeka visited Bangalore, India   Dr. Jeka recently traveled to Bangalore, India to give two talks at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) , which is considered the leading science university in India. He was invited as part of the Pratiksha Brain Computation and Data Science initiative, which began in 2015. The mission of the initiative is to foster...

CoBal Lab is on NPR!

Balancing in Virtual Reality: UD researchers search for answers in the Cave   CoBal Lab is on NPR! Click on the link bellow and check out the publication!    ...

Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience (CRCNS)

Dr. Hendrik Reimann presented at the CRCNS meeting in Austin, Texas.  The purpose of CRCNS program is to provide a theoretical foundation and a rich set of technical approaches for understanding complex neurobiological systems, building on the theory, methods, and findings of computer science, neuroscience, and numerous other disciplines.  Through the CRCNS program,...