Congratulations to our hardworking team!  6 publications in 6 months…

Article: A central processing sensory deficit with Parkinson’s disease
Sungjae Hwang
 · Peter Agada · Stephen Grill · Tim Kiemel · John J. Jeka
Apr 2016 · Experimental Brain Research  

Article: Identification of the Unstable Human Postural Control System
Sungjae Hwang
 · Peter Agada · Tim Kiemel · John J. Jeka
Mar 2016 · Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience

 Article: Vestibular Dysfunction following Sub-Concussive Head Impact
Sungjae Hwang
 · Lei Ma · Keisuke Kawata · Ryan Tierney · John Jeka
Feb 2016 · Journal of Neurotrauma

Article: Effect of Repetitive Sub-concussive Head Impacts on Ocular Near Point of Convergence
K. Kawata · R. Tierney · J. Phillips · J J Jeka
Feb 2016 · International Journal of Sports Medicine

Article: Development of Adaptive Sensorimotor Control in Infant Sitting Posture
Li-Chiou Chen
 · John Jeka · Jane E. Clark
Jan 2016 · Gait & Posture

Article: Perspectives on Aging Vestibular Function
Eric Anson
 · John Jeka
Dec 2015 · Frontiers in Neurology



Publication: Neural Control of Balance during Walking

Do you walk like a robot from the 90s? No? Then you better don’t stop in mid-step, or you’ll fall. Humans are inherently unstable when walking, our brains have to constantly fine-tune our gait patterns to maintain upright balance, based on sensory information. We have started to unravel how this neural control process works. We modify a virtual reality...

Welcome Ian

Ian Sotnek joined the CoBaL lab as a PhD student this summer after completing his Ms in Exercise Science at Merrimack College. During his master’s studies, he examined the dose-response relationship between strength and balance specific training for mobility-limited older adults and measures of stability and physical function. He is looking forward to...

Lab travels to Ft. Lauderdale for ISPGR conference

In June some lab members attended the bi-annual International Society of Gait and Posture conference to show off some of their recent work at the Westin Resort in Ft. Lauderdale. A total of 5 posters presented, tons of exciting presentations attended, 1 best presentation award received, and a bit of fun on the beach. Hendrik wins best Post-Doc presentation...

Welcome David Grenet, new CoBaL post-doc

David joined us in Delaware after completing his PhD at UNSW Sydney. Coming from a background in engineering, he developed an interest in sensory physiology which led to his doctoral work on sensory contributions to spatial orientation. David is excited about applying this knowledge to investigate sensory contributions to balance during walking in Parkinson’s...

Welcome Mariana

Mariana is an International PhD student in Health Science with funding from the Brazilian Government (CAPES). She received her BS and MS in Kinesiology from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Her main research interests are in the field of motor control. Mariana has been studying how the brain integrates sensory information during manipulation tasks using...