Congratulations to our hardworking team!  6 publications in 6 months…

Article: A central processing sensory deficit with Parkinson’s disease
Sungjae Hwang
 · Peter Agada · Stephen Grill · Tim Kiemel · John J. Jeka
Apr 2016 · Experimental Brain Research  

Article: Identification of the Unstable Human Postural Control System
Sungjae Hwang
 · Peter Agada · Tim Kiemel · John J. Jeka
Mar 2016 · Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience

 Article: Vestibular Dysfunction following Sub-Concussive Head Impact
Sungjae Hwang
 · Lei Ma · Keisuke Kawata · Ryan Tierney · John Jeka
Feb 2016 · Journal of Neurotrauma

Article: Effect of Repetitive Sub-concussive Head Impacts on Ocular Near Point of Convergence
K. Kawata · R. Tierney · J. Phillips · J J Jeka
Feb 2016 · International Journal of Sports Medicine

Article: Development of Adaptive Sensorimotor Control in Infant Sitting Posture
Li-Chiou Chen
 · John Jeka · Jane E. Clark
Jan 2016 · Gait & Posture

Article: Perspectives on Aging Vestibular Function
Eric Anson
 · John Jeka
Dec 2015 · Frontiers in Neurology



ISPGR World Congress 2019

Dr. Jaclyn Caccese and Dr. John Jeka flew to Edinburgh, Scotland. Jaclyn presented her poster titled “Dynamic reweighting of three modalities for sensor fusion after repetitive head impact” at the International Society of Posture and Gait Research (ISPGR World Congress 2019). Although she saw no statistical difference in sensory reweighting, individuals...

Cheers to Dr.J!!

Last Fall (2018), Dr. John Jeka was a Keynote Speaker inside the Smolenice Castle – Bratislava, Slovakia! Yes, he did his keynote titled: “Temporally coordinated mechanisms of balance control during walking” in a castle!  The 8th Posture Symposium was organized by the Center of Experimental Medicine, Slovak Academy of Sciences, and the Institute of...

Congrats to our new PhD. Tyler!

On the first week of April 2019, Tyler Feltrow has successfully defended his dissertation. His dissertation title was “Control of balance during locomotion” and the goal of his research was to provide a basic understanding of how the healthy human nervous system regulates balance to successfully stay upright while moving through the environment. The...

Congrats to our new Ph.D. Fernando!

On the last week of March 2019, Fernando Vanderlinde dos Santos has successfully defended his dissertation titled “The Effect of Repetitive Head impacts on Sensory Reweighting and Human Balance”.  The purpose of his experiment was to gain an understanding of how prolonged repetitive head impacts from participation in collision sports change sensory...